Friday, August 12, 2011

Catching up

No, I didn't fall of the face of the earth. I haven't even been living under a rock. (Except for a few desperate weekends, but that's another story.) But I do have news.

Kindred is getting a new cover! It's coming out in paperback in early 2012 with a gorgeous new cover that I think you'll love. Even more exciting is that I actually made my deadline for my latest novel! I turned it in a day early! (Am I an overachiever or what?) I know, I didn't think it would happen either. Folks, I actually wrote an entire novel in one year. It's a personal record that I don't ever plan to beat. And  it means I'll have a new book coming out next summer, just one year after Kindred was released, which again, is some sort of astounding light-speed development that I'm really not used, nor should I get used to because I doubt it will ever happen again.

So I'll enjoy it while it lasts and I hope you will too!

More later,
PS- Hello to everyone at the Florida Writers Foundation! I had such a nice time meeting all of you last week and I wish you all the best with your writings!

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