Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This article in the NYTimes: Last Defense at Troubled Reactors: 50 Japanese Workers brought tears to my eyes. Fifty people are sacrificing themselves at this moment in time to save their countrymen and women. They are working in darkness, crawling through the wreckage with only their flashlight for illumination, with explosions in the background, exposed to fatally high levels of radiation as they try to stop this slow moving nightmare of radiation leaks and nuclear catastrophe. This pretty much sums up my idea of what hell looks like.

I know there are times that call for the sacrifice of ourselves for the greater good and this certainly qualifies. But how would we react if placed in such a situation? Would we step up, or run and hide? Fifty people in Japan know the answer and it humbles me and amazes me; they are giving their lives as we speak to save their fellow man.

Read the article here.

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