Friday, October 16, 2009

Best Book of the Year!

I just finished reading the best book of the year. You should know that I read a lot of books. A LOT. I review some for the St. Pete Times, but most I just devour in privacy, kind of like binging on chocolate, except I've been doing it since I could read. (And it's a big reason I'm a writer, but I digress.)

Some books I read and I can't figure out what the fuss is about. I mean, really, are people blind?

Some books I read and I can't figure out why no one else seems to be reading it? I mean, really, are people blind?

And then, in rare cases (such as this one) I read a book that everyone has been gushing over and I am blown away. Seriously, I felt like the top of my head exploded, it's that good. I read it in one day. Couldn't sleep that night thinking about it. And the next morning, I picked it up to read it again. It's the holy grail of books. It's why I read. To find treasures like this to savor...okay, to stuff my face in but then start over again, slowly this time--which is why books are way better than cake, because you CAN have them and eat them too, whatever that means.

So now I have you on tether hooks...Drum roll please! The best book of the year is:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

I will not tell you what it is about. I just want you to run out, buy a copy, and without reading the back flap, without knowing what it's about, just jump in and read it. Make sure you've got a few spare hours, though. Because you will be useless to the world. Senseless. Lost in the this other world, in Katniss's fight to survive, to know who to trust, to try and live so she came return her beloved sister, Prim and her sexy, tough hunting partner Gale (who might be more than that). But first she has to live through the diabolical Hunger Games. There are 24 contestants. Only one will live.

(See, I TOLD you it was good.)

Happy reading,


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